Sunday, January 29, 2012

A different kind of project

Some time ago, I happened upon an incredible photographic archive from around the Pikes Peak region. It brought back memories of my college days in the mid 80's wherein I set about to re-create photos taken by William Henry Jackson. A professional photographer took my college photo project a bit further in the late 90's. His name is John Fielder. I always wondered if he knew my Professor....Ha!

Anyhow, with this new reference in mind I set out to re-create a whole bunch of photos from the old days and make it into a video slideshow. Sounds easy, right? It took many a Sunday afternoon and many photos to get this one right. Not to mention near death experiences, tired legs, freezing fingers, possible tresspassing and inquisitive passers-by. In other words, it was awesome.

Here is the video: