Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wednesday night races- local style with heckles and laughs.

Scott B. and I decided to go watch the local Sand Creek Sports mountain bike races in Bear Creek Park last night. Our buddy Jon C. has been training all day for this one...without even pedaling his bike. He is the master heckling spectator and was in rare form last night. Here is the video of some of his verbal assaults and some helmet-cam action as well:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The time for Epic rides has begun...

It has been a strange (read: typical for Colorado) weather season for spring around here. I feel like the winter riding was almost better for the working man who likes to ride bikes. I think that Summer is finally here and with that comes the epic, all-day bike rides that a select few of my friends have come to know and love.

Matt (The Bagel) is on injured reserve, so I am having trouble finding someone who is as willing to do giant rides on a moments notice. I got busy texting my potential candidates for riding partner and here's how it went: Russ- on the way to Italy, Daniel-racing somewhere, Kalan-racing at the Teva Mountain games (he got 11th in the Pros!),  Greg-riding moto, Kelli -racing at the Teva games (she got 2nd in the Pros!). Matt (Simmmmeeee)- a go!

Here is a pic of Simmmeee taking a pic of me:

Here is a pic of the ride profile (which may expain why it's hard to find riding partners):

And here is an account of the ride from Simmeeee's perspective:

It's going to be another Epic Summer!