Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Palmer Park race

Last Saturday was the fourth time I have raced a bike in Palmer Park (In Colorado Springs). Coincidentally, I am the only person that I know of who has participated in every Mountain Bike/Cyclocross race on the trails of Palmer Park. Also, wanting to keep that tradition alive has caused me to renew my USA Cycling license and enter a few races this year. Don't be fooled, I am not planning a comeback or even training to race again. This is purely for fun.

Proof that I am in it for fun!

Ron on the other hand, is looking pretty serious about the race. He rode me off of his wheel and went on to win our class, putting around 3 minutes on me. Good job, Ron.

I somehow managed to talk Matt and Dean into dusting off their racing legs and do some laps in the Park. I think they had fun, too.....

Momma Bear wanted to show her two cubs some sweet single-track. Unfortunately for my friend Matt Simmons, he lost a few minutes waiting for her to finish her tour. I think he was glad to oblige.

Here's Matt flexin' his way up a rock. I think the bear gave him super powers.

Kelli raced the Pro Men's and finished a very respectable 5th place. She told me that it was "friggin' hard!". This, coming from a World Class Professional racer who has raced all over the globe. Kinda gives our local riding spot some credibility!

Christian Murdock took this unbelievable shot of Kelli riding through "Little Moab". Very nice!

Thanks to "Ultra" Rob Lucas, Tim Bergsten, Randy Lindblad and Brian McCarrie for being there with their cameras blazin'

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