Sunday, November 7, 2010


Lately, I have been in the mood for an adventure. So the other day I am checking out the interweb and I happened to see Dave Wiens twitter page . He was talking about a new section of single-track that has just been completed at Hartman's Rocks in Gunnison, Colorado. Then he mentions a race coming up in a few days. Assuming that the race would cover the new trail, I started to plan a trip to Gunni. Then I started thinking: "what would make this even more epic?".  The answer: riding with Mick Hannah. For those who don't know, here is Mick:

Here is more:

So at 6 a.m. on November 6, 2010, I set out on a one day adventure.

Here is the sunrise on the Collegiate Range on the way across Southpark:

I met Mick on the way and we headed to Gunnison. Upon arrival, we immediately went to sign up for the race and that's when Dave informed me that the new trail wasn't going to be part of the course. Darn! We got our numbers and put them on our bikes thinking that we would still do the race.
That's when Giant Bikes race team manager Joe Staub showed up. He was to be our guide for the warm-up for the race. We climbed out of Hartman's and started riding the epic trails in the area until it looked like it was time to get to the start. Or...we could go out and sample the new 7 miles of single-track called the Aberdeen loop. Mick and I were both feeling like not racing so the decision was made!

Here's Mick and Joe having a snack at the start of Aberdeen:

Here is Mick (and Joe) fixing a flat on the sweet new single-track:

Here is a picture of the Aberdeen Loop sign. I recommend riding it counter-clock-wise.

We ran into Scott N's college running coach. He was a history professor and knows the history of the area very well.  Here he is meeting Mick: "So you are a pretty good bike rider, huh?"...

After the ride, we headed over to the Gunni Sack restaurant and had burgers and beer. Dave called, wondering if we were still out on course since we were technically still racing. He laughed when I told him where we were, but I'm sure he was glad we weren't laying in a ditch out on course!
The post race party at the Gunnison Brewery was really cool and the people there were really nice but I had to get on the road so I couldn't hang out too long.

So 15 hours after leaving my house in Colorado Springs, I arrived home safe and sound. And tired. Definitely got the adventure that I was seeking!

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