Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The time for Epic rides has begun...

It has been a strange (read: typical for Colorado) weather season for spring around here. I feel like the winter riding was almost better for the working man who likes to ride bikes. I think that Summer is finally here and with that comes the epic, all-day bike rides that a select few of my friends have come to know and love.

Matt (The Bagel) is on injured reserve, so I am having trouble finding someone who is as willing to do giant rides on a moments notice. I got busy texting my potential candidates for riding partner and here's how it went: Russ- on the way to Italy, Daniel-racing somewhere, Kalan-racing at the Teva Mountain games (he got 11th in the Pros!),  Greg-riding moto, Kelli -racing at the Teva games (she got 2nd in the Pros!). Matt (Simmmmeeee)- a go!

Here is a pic of Simmmeee taking a pic of me:

Here is a pic of the ride profile (which may expain why it's hard to find riding partners):

And here is an account of the ride from Simmeeee's perspective:

It's going to be another Epic Summer!

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