Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Photos from the GoPro

If you remember my rhetorical question from the last post about how long my perception of what a long ride is, here is the answer: about 2 weeks. For some reason, July is not a good time for me on the bike. Maybe it's the pollen/mold wreaking havoc with the allergies. Or spending too much time in an air-conditioned environment all day and not doing lunch-rides because of the 90+ degree heat... Who knows?

What I do know is that I am eating and drinking beer like I am still doing epic rides every week so my blog title may soon be referring to the shape of my belly! Ha! Hope not...

Anyhow, the GoPro has been a fun source of photo ops lately. Actually, I have some pretty big news about that, but you will have to be patient. There is a setting on the camera that allows you to press the shutter once and it will take a picture every second until you press it again. What follows are the results of that action whilst riding mountain bikes in the woods or just standing around in the woods...

Merely blocks from my house. I have been scoping out this line while sitting in my car, slowing for the stoplight. Now I have it dialed!

Super fun descent in Ute Valley Park. Roots, rocks, trees! Teetering on the edge of disaster.

Way up in the mountains near Catamount Reservoir there exists a pristine single-track descent called Magic Carpet Ride. One of my favorites.

 Chasing Kelli down the first descent towards the crashed airplane near Palmer Lake. Keeping up with her is not a walk in the park. Just ask any of the Pro Women that she routinely drops.

This is what you get when the camera mount comes loose and starts slipping down and pointing towards your feet: a really cool picture!

 Another random shot while the camera was still shooting. Kelli is like: "is that thing on..." and Jeremiah is contemplating the tragedy of the plane crash from a half-century ago.

Unintentional yet ethereal self-portrait. Standing around in the woods has produced this, my new Facebook profile pic.

Chasing Jeremiah down Limbaugh Canyon. He bobs right while I weave left.

   Riding bikes in the woods with friends (or alone) is fun. Now get to it! Don't forget your camera.

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