Saturday, September 17, 2011

Catching up...

....ummmm, yeahh....I've been neglecting the blogosphere lately. Like I said before, I completely fall apart around July and for some reason this year, it's been tough to re-group. Not that I wasn't riding but the rides were smaller and not as noteworthy for blogging.

Let's all came unraveled right after our nephew's wedding in Illinois. We had a great time there although it was during a heat wave which made the outdoor ceremony last about 15 minutes! The reception had a photo booth for some serious pictures:

Unfortunately, we flew home in the "germ tube" and I picked up a summer cold. Bummer.

After getting over it, I got to ride with some old friends:

Then I got to ride with my oldest friend (since 1972)!:

Of course, I have the privelege of being old friends with a World Champion Mountain Bike racer and we did some fun after work rides. Here we are checking out an advanced line to practice going up:

She is a very serious character as evidenced by this video clip:

I also did some solo riding. I decided to film the whole Williams Canyon descent and had a pretty clean run. Here are some stills from that ride:

It's probably a good idea to skip this ride if you don't like heights and exposure to cliff drop-offs.

I bought Cindy a digital camera and took this video of the dogs with it. Check out Klaus' eyes!

And of course, it is becoming a tradition to visit another old friend (TwoWheeledWorld) at his luxurious mountain command post in Winter Park, Colorado. This year was a mix of cross-country rides...

Seen here watching Stunt Double lubing his chain.

...and this year, we let the chair-lift do the climbing for a super fun day of downhill riding at Trestle Mountain Bike Park. Please turn up the!

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