Sunday, November 20, 2011

The seasons may change but the riding is always good.

My friend Matt made an end of the season video:

And that got me motivated to get all of my photos and videos gathered up and flatter him by imitating him!

This year started out with some nice riding conditions for winter. That enabled preparation for the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde mountain bike race which was May 8th. We did some good urban assaults in January/February/March and even got up in the higher regions in April. We got to visit Arizona in April and I got my dream vacation of just riding my bike and eating and hanging out with my wife and Dad.

We did many a lunch ride and a few night rides. I spectated a few races and even jumped in on one to do some filming. Then I got a wild hair and decided to do Ring the Peak on two different bikes (cyclocross and mountain).

Colorado Springs landed the Prologue for the Pro Cycling Challenge and we were lucky enough to have the world's top professional road cyclists riding all over town. I even got to see Danny doing what he does best (make massive power on a road bike) much to the delight of the fans.

Matt invited us up to his Mountain Command to do some cross country and chairlift-assisted downhill riding. That got me all motivated to build up a bigger travel (6.7" of suspension travel) bike for next year and for some fun on local trails, too.

I spent many hours riding with my friend Russ, who is 10 years older than me but keeps three National Championship jerseys in his closet to remind everyone that age is only a number. He is always positive and never complains and is the best riding buddy a guy could have!

I am also fortunate to be friends with some of the best female mountain bike riders on the planet. We have had some great rides in Palmer Park (and Airplane Loop!) and I feel so lucky to be friends with Alison and Kelli. They, like Russ, are always positive and never complain. I am still working on that....

Editing videos can be tedious but I really enjoy it. Here is my end of season video with a groovy and mellow soundtrack to go with it. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I....oh never mind.


  1. Good video. Makes me want to ride. Go russ as well!

  2. Nice video! I must say though, your hd looks cleaner than mine. What are your gopro settings? 1080? Frames per second?

  3. I use the default (r4) setting which is 960p. The final format of the video is MP4. That's it!

  4. Thats it. Mine goes to 720p. May need to remedy that. By the way, a new trail bike is almost mine... You've ridden with it a few times before...

  5. I rode with your future bike yesterday. You are going to be a big-travel convert!