Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pilgrimage to AZ

My Dad likes to go to Arizona once a year to escape the long winters up in Florissant, Colorado. He likes to rent a condo and just enjoy the desert air and warmth. This year, Cindy and I were the first to visit him and his faithful dog Sadie. I packed our mountain bikes and our little dog Klaus and off we went to Tucson.
Tight fit in the ol' Volvo

It just so happened that my friend Mike was staying down there and had some rides planned for us. On day one, we hit the Arizona Trail out to Three Bridges and back.
Here's one of the bridges with plenty of leafy green Tucson trees.

On day two, I met Mike at Catalina State Park so we could ride the 50 year trail. It was typical desert terrain which then changed as we climbed. Soon we were on a boulder-strewn hillside which reminded me of Hartman's Rocks in Gunnison, Colorado

Lots of cactus...everywhere. See how Gunnison-like the rocks are?

Day three was a trip to the Desert Museum of Tucson. Cindy and I spent 4 hours there and enjoyed every minute of it. We got there just in time to see the Raptor Free Flight show which had a variety of Desert Birds of Prey flying over our heads and getting treats as rewards.

Here is a Grey Hawk and a Great Horned Owl.

I took a few shots of the variety of wildlife at the museum including Cindy's favorite, the Javolina (or furry desert pigs as she calls them)

Bobcat watching all the curious humans

Roadrunner, the coyote's after you!

Fantasy Island

"The plane(s), the plane(s)"! Fantasy Island is very near the airplane graveyard.

Smiles everyone, smiles! We must welcome our guests to Fantasy Island. Cindy and I headed out to East Tucson to ride these fun local (and directional) trails.

Not a good idea to push your cornering abilities...

There was some unusual stuff out there in the Desert.

My favorite vacations are when I can just ride my mountain bike, eat, rest and repeat. Throw in a little culture and you've got it! On one of our final days, I grabbed a beer and the salmon and headed to the community grill in the Condo complex. I took this picture whilst grilling. Not a bad view...even if the mountains are a bit smaller than here in Colorado.

Thanks, Dad!

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