Saturday, January 9, 2010

Urban Assault!

A great thing about Colorado Springs is the amount of riding areas located all around town. Years ago, I figured out a way of linking many of the riding spots together in one loop. This is usually done in winter when the high country is snowed in and unrideable. I dubbed it "Urban Assault" and have called it that ever since. It's a pretty big loop and takes well into 3-1/2 hours of riding time and it can be quite challenging-especially when there is snow and ice on the trails.
Today was the first assault that we've done in quite a while. I invited a few friends and here are some pics:

Water, check. Food, check. Cell, check. ID, check.

First stop: Ute Valley Park

Posing in Pulpit Rock Park

A quick pass through Palmer Park after riding through The Bluffs (University Park).

Leaving Palmer Park and heading across town to Bear Creek Park.

After Bear Creek and prepping for Stratton's climbs. Downtown C. Springs in the background.

Slippin' and slidin' at the top of the Chutes.

Awesome city view from the top of the Chutes.

After descending Gold Camp, we rode up Section 16 to Inteman on the way to Red Rocks open space.

Attacking Red Rocks!

After Red Rocks, we rode up Ridge Road and through the legal trails in the Garden of the Gods. Then back to my casa!

Another great ride in the books. Thanks to the Matts, Don and The Champ (Alison) for making it even more enjoyable!

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