Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fun Bank

Today, while riding with "Team Stunt Double", I created a new way to be positive about completely coming apart half-way through a ride.
First, let's back up to yesterday's lunch-ride in Palmer Park. I had been well rested and well fed and the hills were like speed bumps. I call it "light legs". I felt like a fit racer dude and it was awesome!
Today rolls around and I'm thinking I am gonna rock this ride. Felt pretty good against the crushing headwind and on the first few climbs and then we hit a bigger climb with Pro biker Matt leading the way. Not so good. Now I am faking it but it's becoming transparent. Maybe I need more food. Didn't work. Maybe I will cut this short and recover like a smart person. I'm not that smart.
Now Team Stunt 2x is pulling away and I can do nothing but watch. Like a car accident in slow-motion. Except I am the one who is crashing.
This is where you either get really grumpy or come up with something to entertain your lactic-acid infused brain. I came up with the "Fun Bank".  It's pretty simple. When  you are having a great ride and you are feeling invincible, you are making big withdrawls from the Fun Bank. Soon, you will be getting overdraft charges. Today was the day I needed to make some deposits. I made so many deposits into the Fun Bank today that I may be able to drop Contador on my next ride.
Give your riding buddies a break and give it a try because nobody likes to ride on sweet, sweet single-track with a grumpy bastard.

Here is the route we rode today. Climbing total was just over 5000' and ride time was just under 3:45. Gotta love the interactive web.

@trip - Falcon trail 4-3-10

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