Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rabbit Valley Rally....mountain bike race.

My good friend Matt Simmons talked me into racing in the first Mountain States Cup race near Fruita, Colorado last Sunday.

The drive over the mountain passes was a bit snowy.

We had a cool view of the Colorado National Monument from our Hotel window.

Had some fun with a giant Corona bottle.

Checked out some of the fun trails off of 18 road.

Kessel's Run is highly recommended. I dragged Matt over there after he raced the time-trial. He's a good sport!

Here is a view of the race parking lot.

The race went pretty well. My goal was top 15 and I managed 11th which qualified me for the National Championship race in July. Not bad for someone who doesn't actually train to race bikes any more!

Oh, I tossed the tiny GPS in my jersey pocket for the race and here is the sweet interactive map for you to toy with:

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