Saturday, January 15, 2011

There's a little black spot on the sun today..

Haven't blogged much lately, what with all of the holiday happenings. We finally got snow in the Springs area and that means the trails are not so fine. It also means that Lake Pueblo State Park is back on the radar. Here is a little video clip from a recent ride there:

cuatro cinco from Alan Keeffe on Vimeo.

Notice the little black spot on the sun.

Oh, I upgraded the brakes on the Trance to the new Shimano XTR Trail. Wow. They are so powerful that I had to reduce the size of the brake rotors. Testing is still in progress....

And, I don't want to sound like an info-mercial but I just got a Vitamix blender and it is awesome. I recommend it for someone who wants to eat healthy foods but is too lazy to make huge meals. I drink more emulsified fruits and veggies than ever before!

Another winter-time favorite is the Manitou Incline hike. Cindy and I are back on the "every Sunday" schedule. Here is a pic from a past hike:
Feel the burn! Hahaha. Ow, cramp!

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