Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lunch Ride Goodness

This winter has been pretty kind to the Colorado Springs area. As a result of that, along with the fact that work is always slower in the winter, I get to do a lot of lunch rides.

One of the best places to ride mountain bikes in the Springs is Palmer Park. I have been riding there for 25 years and I still look forward to going back. It is that cool!

I am also very lucky to be friends with many of the local riders who are still racing at the Elite level of Mountain bike (and Road bike) competition and are available to ride in the middle of the day when most other people are limited to a one hour break. Riding in Palmer Park with a bunch of Elite riders is so much fun that I try to go as fast as I can and am usually totally worthless at work for the rest of the day. It's worth it!

Here is a little video that I made with two different rides combined into one. The second ride had me following my friend Kelli, who happens to also be at work while we are riding. Lucky.

A lunch ride to Palmer Park from Alan Keeffe on Vimeo.

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