Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beer update

Halloween has come and gone and we still have lots of candy left over from the 5 lb. (!) bag we picked out at Costco. After a 3 hour road ride today, I had a bit of an appetite so after some steak and salad I decided to try one of every candy bar in the bag (9). That's nearly 700 calories! No problem and that has effectively erased any calorie expenditure from the bike ride. D-oh! It was worth it!

Here is the homebrew update:

The beer has fermented for a week and I have decided to transfer it to another fermenter. What this does is create a clearer finished product and gets rid of the digested yeast.

This gets left behind!

A hydrometer reading (1.016) indicates that I am within the recommended Final gravity(1.012-1.018)  but I am going to let it ferment some more to be sure. We want it to be at max alcohol content!
Bottling will commence in around 2 weeks.

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