Saturday, November 7, 2009

Your days are numbered....

This is the time of year in Colorado that your mountain biking days can come to an abrupt halt. It can be 65 degrees and sunny one day and the next it's a blizzard. We all keep a close eye on the forecast and plan accordingly. This week I over-compensated a little and rode more than my legs really wanted. It was such a great week for fall weather that I did a road ride, a lunch ride, a night ride and today, a great mountain bike ride. Around 10 hours on the was worth it!
Today's plan was to ride over to Balanced Rock with the Matt's and meet Scott, Don and Daniel. When we got there, they were nowhere in sight (our sight!). We sat and talked about greedy corporations and the bad economy and such, until I decided to call Scott and see where they were. Right when I dialed, I heard a phone ring down in the parking lot below us and it was Scott! They had been waiting there for 30 minutes! Ooops. No worries because it was so nice out.
We headed up Rampart Range to Williams canyon:

November in Colorado. Nice.

Daniel has no fear!

The Bagel is coming.

Scott and Don takin' 'er easy.

Good view down Williams Canyon.
That's Daniel in the shrubbery.

I picked up some hitch-hikers at the bottom of Williams.

After Williams, we headed over to the Inteman trail and rode it over to Red Rocks. This is Scott's "hood" so he was hookin' it up! That was fun.

Don wasn't feeling good, so he was considering
this to be his final resting place!

Here's Don on the last part of Inteman before dropping into Red Rocks.
If you look carefully in the background you can see a bare spot
on the hill. Above that is where we dropped into
Williams canyon earlier in the ride.(click on photo to enlarge)

Long shadows and flat light. Must be Fall.

Another great Fall ride with good friends is in the books. You could stick a fork in my legs- they're done! least for a few days.

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